You Are Somebody

In November, a youth team from Arkansas visited Kids’ Ark Camp. During their stay, we took the group to several places where there are some of the greatest needs including squatter and river villages, several orphanages and a feeding center. The group also came to Kids’ Ark Camp and helped to complete several small, but needed projects.

The last evening while in Honduras, the team ate at Pizza Hut in San Pedro Sula. Outside the restaurant, a twelve year old boy named Harrison was begging for money. Some of the boys gave him some lempiras(Honduran currency). Harrison was asked, but was reluctant to enter the restaurant. He whispered to me saying that he was far too dirty to go in and that his shorts had holes in them and that he only had a pair of dirty flip-flops. I then had Josias (our Camp Director) to purchase shoes, socks, pants, a shirt, and a ball cap, and soon Harrison had the biggest smile. The twenty-two boys from Arkansas soon saw the new Harrison. As we were eating, he asked me why we did all this for him. I then responded, “Harrison, you are somebody special and somebody very important to God and He has great plans for your life.” He shared a few stories of why he had to start begging in the street and how awful his home life had been.

We are currently working on enrolling him into Teen Challenge Honduras to get him off of the street so that he can have a new start in life. God has a great plan for Harrison’s life!

As we were leaving, the guard at the door stopped and asked him how he had snuck into the restaurant. He then responded with, “I can come in and eat here now, because I found out that I am somebody.”