Kids’ Ark Youth Camp is...

As kids, youth, adults and families come to Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp, they are able to get away from the urgency, the busyness, and the distractions of the world; they are able to focus on those things that are truly most valuable.

For kids and youth, this means digging deeply into God’s word while experiencing the most amazing adventures imaginable; it means having that time of steadfast focus on the Creator in the midst of climbing, swinging, jumping, competing and making noise; it means experiencing the reality of the love of God through activities at camp, and it means a life-changing encounter with the One who loves you most while surrounded by some experiences you will never forget.

Honduran churches currently have few quality places for retreats or outdoor Christian events.”

For adults, it means a week of fun with their families, adventures to re-tell, time to experience peace and enjoy quiet, and best of all, the opportunity to be reminded of who God is and who we are. Once again, the fun, excitement, passion and enthusiasm are brought together with rest, refreshment and relationship to engender an encounter with God that will leave you changed forever.

Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. -Mark 16:15

Honduran churches currently have few quality places for retreats or outdoor Christian events. The percentage of youth in Honduras that has visited a Christian based Youth Camp is less than 1%, mainly because quality Youth Camps do not yet exist in Honduras. We want the youth of Honduras and North America to experience positive spiritual change. Today’s youth struggle with their precious lives more than ever, and we (The Church) face a large task of reaching out to them. Our desire for Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp is for visiting youth to focus in on their relationship with God, and allow God to speak to their hearts.