Here is a list of major items needed for building the camp:

  • 4x4 Pick-up Truck
  • 4WD Back-Hoe*
  • Small Bull-Dozer*
  • Pay Loader *
  • Dump trucks
  • Motor Grader/Finisher*
  • Moving Truck
  • Bob Cat
*Caterpillar brand items are the easiest to repair in Honduras based on parts availability and service dealers, however we will gladly accept any brand name item donated. These heavy equipment items requested are to be used in speeding the development process and will save Kids Ark international thousands of dollars in man hours over time.

We need donations for smaller items as well:

  • Commercial mowers and lawn maintenance items, weed eaters, blowers, chain saws, etc...
  • Wheel barrels, yard carts, any type of yard cleaning tools.
  • School items, desks chairs, cabinets, and school work supplies, etc
  • Canoes, kayaks, boats, boat motors (any size, any kind)
  • Four wheelers, motorcycles yard gators & golf carts.
  • Tools of any kind for building or mechanics.
  • Commercial kitchen appliances and utensils (stoves, oven, refrigerators, freezers, utensils, etc)
  • Furniture Tables, chairs, & bar stools.
  • Fishing Gear - rods, reels, tackle boxes, etc
  • Rock climbing and zip line gear and accessories.
  • Camping gear-tents, blankets, flash lights, etc
  • Single bed mattresses and bedding.
  • Air conditioners, post fans and ceiling fans.

Thank you for your support.
- Randy Herring