Grow Campers Campaign

Grow CampersSince 2005, Kids’ Ark International youth camp has continued to grow and see thousands of children pass through the camp. Often, as many as 500+ boys and girls at one time camp and enjoy the property, participating in many of our camp games and activities while learning the message of Christ.

On July 26th of 2014, our camp’s neighbors accepted our offer to purchase 28 acres of land to the southeast of the current entrance! The new land will allow several new additional buildings and camp activity areas consisting of the following:

  • Two acre lake used for a Canoe / Kayak outpost area / Marina / Fishing
  • Welcome Center for Visitor registration and planning area
  • Obstacle course and ropes course
  • Dormitories used for both visitors and separate smaller dorms for campers
  • Swimming pool/water games area
  • Soccer and baseball field with basketball court, outdoor croquet
  • Bus parking area and equipment storage area
  • Horse stable
  • Bike, hiking and nature trail
  • Sitting areas
  • Snack Shack Cabana

The purchase of this land will be a tremendous blessing to the camp providing a land buffer and eliminating the chances of livestock, farms, and agriculture companies coming in close proximity to the current camp property. The closing date for the new property will be December 31, 2014. Fundraising has already begun for the GROW CAMPERS CAMPAIGN. Although we are centering our current efforts on acquiring land and raising money, the most important aspect of this campaign will be prayer and giving campers a life changing experience on our existing land and the newly acquired land. Will you continue to pray for Kids’ Ark Camp and this campaign? Will you also encourage others to do the same and share this need with a close friend? Please pray and consider the ways you can be part of the “GROW CAMPERS CAMPAIGN.”

Kids’ Ark Camp, Honduras proposed expansion