Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp a church project and who is invited to come?

A. Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp is interdenominational, and we want all youth groups to come and enjoy Youth camp. Churches, schools, boys and girls groups are all welcome.

Q. Where is Kids’ Ark Youth Camp in relation to a major city?

A. Kids Ark Campsite is located 45 miles south of San Pedro Sula on beautiful Lake Yojoa. San Pedro Sula is the industrial capital of Honduras. Tegucigalpa, the capital city, is three hours south of Kids’ Ark Campsite.

Q. How do you know that groups will utilize Kids’ Ark Youth Camp?

A. We receive inquiries each week from youth pastors, churches and schools asking when Kids’ Ark Camp will be ready. We have small groups visit the campsite where kids play and find the site very adventurous. We have over 100 letters from various Churches, anxiously awaiting the completion of Kids’ Ark Camp.

Q. Where is Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp in Relation to Lake Yojoa?

A. Lake Yojoa is a 40 square mile lake. Kids’ Ark land boarders the northern corner giving the land a unique appearance. Most of Kids’ Ark property comes with a breath taking view of the lake.

Q. Are there any piranha in Lake Yojoa?

A. A common question from most but the answer is thankfully no. In the 1940s the US Army Corp of Engineers came to Honduras and built a dam for hydro-electric power. The lake was then stocked with largemouth bass and tilapia for the local populace.

Q. Who is the youth camp for?

A. Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp is for any organized group of youth from any Organization. Kids are basically the same and the youth of today struggle in similar ways. We want the Christian atmosphere of Kids’ Ark Youth Camp help keep kids on the right path and to those who are struggling, find a way out of their hurt. Kids open up their hearts at camp to share, bond and build relations with God and make life-long friends.

Q. What kind of animals are found at the Camp site and Are there dangerous animals in Honduras?

A. Yes and no... There are a few poisonous snakes in Honduras just like the United States, but most are non-poisonous. On the Campsite, there are sloths, squirrels, iguanas, toucans, macaws, several species of parrots, frogs, and over 500 species of birds. Although rarely seen, monkeys can be found. There are no man eating crocodiles.

Q. Will kids pay to go to camp?

A. We will have an affordable daily charge for camp. Parents feel better if they are charged a symbolic amount for camp. Kids appreciate camp more if they know their parents paid to send them. We will never turn a child away if he or she lacks the ability to pay for camp.

Q. Is Kids’ Ark youth Camp only for Honduran Kids?

A. No, we want youth groups from the United States to come and enjoy Kids’ Ark Youth Camp and have a cross-cultural experience. After enjoying a state-side quality Youth Camp in the rain forest of Honduras, we want to visit villages and small towns where kids from the U.S. can participate in distributing Bibles, shoes, clothes, toys etc... We want kids from the U.S. to go home with a new appreciation for all that they have.