Christmas in Honduras

Christmas in HondurasOften, Im asked the question, “What’s Christmas like in Honduras?” It’s hard to share with words what it’s really like unless you’ve had a chance to spend an extended period of time there. Christmas in Honduras is more about family and friends and less about gifts . Many families have a small Christmas tree, but most are made from pine limbs or trees that grow wild, and decorations are handmade from friends, family and children. In the city, many of the wealthier Hondurans have fake trees decorated with store-bought decorations and lights. There is a vast difference between the two styles of Christmas even in Honduras. One is modern, and one is like going back in time.

I have been in Honduras a few times during the Christ-mas holiday and it’s really intriguing to watch the people happy with very little and more excited about the day that Christmas represents. The Hondurans celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve moreso then the 25th, and usually eat tamales or roast a baby pig. Families walk from one village to another and children expect very little gifts and enjoy seeing family. In the rural areas, one nice article of clothing or shoes, marbles, hand-made spinning tops, jacks, jump rope, yoyos, handmade dolls are common gifts. My first Christmas in Honduras I found myself very envious of the simplicity that I craved every year and the contentment I saw on the people’s faces with so little.

Thinking I knew how to make Christmas a spectacular event for my family year after year, I noticed very quickly I forgot what Christmas was all about. You don’t have to make Christmas a special Day - Christmas makes people special by how we share love with family and friends on the day that the Saviour came to earth to walk among men. The greatest Christmas gift I received in Honduras after living there several years was a drawing a little girl gave me she colored with crayons. She drew a picture (shown above) of me eating a tamale prepared by her mother. She wrote on the top of the page, Thank you for visiting us “Gracias por visitarnos.”